• 200624June

    Fender vintage - standard? Wot standard?

    I've always delighted in the fact that Leo Fender was a radio repairman and not a luthier, and that the Gibson versus Fender debate could also be seen as an argument over traditional luthier skills

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  • 200620June


    In February I wrote about the search terms that lead people to this site. One of them oddly, seems to be 'fiddling electricity meter'.

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  • 200614June

    Like father, like son

    You're probably wondering what's going on here, or rather what's not going on here. I haven't managed to post in weeks. In fact I haven't even touched a guitar in weeks.

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  • 200626March

    At last... an audio player on site

    It's always been on my to do list to have an audio player on the site, so that as well as having links to audio files, there would be some way of listening to the tunes or podcasts without readers

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  • 200624March

    iTunes and podcasts: How to

    Time to get my iPod synchronised.

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  • 200620March

    Mmmmhh mmh mmmhhh

    Gagged. I think that's the word.

    Ahh, the wonder of the internet and the power of the blog.

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  • 200604March

    Basswood versus Alder

    Yup. I got around to it.

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  • 200627February

    50th Anniversary Strat

    I've been looking through my web stats recently, and noticed some interesting terms used in the search queries which result in people visiting my site. "Sir James Bisset"?

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  • 200625February

    Monitors, production and... (sigh)

    I continue to be snowed under with work.

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  • 200608February

    Bisset! Report?

    Ummhh, ahh, well Sir, I've been very busy in the PHP mySQL class Sir, and she's given us ever such a lot of homework Sir, and a lot of the HTML is very poorly coded and needed fixing if–

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