At last... an audio player on site

It's always been on my to do list to have an audio player on the site, so that as well as having links to audio files, there would be some way of listening to the tunes or podcasts without readers having to fire up a third party plugin or app to download and listen.

I've fiddled around with a few Flash players, but I couldn't find anything that 'just worked' and I don't have the time to build one myself.

And now, it looks like the search is over. I stumbled across the snappily titled 'Audio Player' from 1 Pixel Out and it does virtually everything I require and a few things I didn't expect.

So to celebrate this funky little upgrade, I've added a wee podcast so you can play with it. And the podcast even features a new musical excerpt published here for the first time. It's provisionally entitled 'Captain Clare'.


Except bizarrely, it's not working yet. Which is odd, because I've got it working here: Basswood versus Alder.

Update 01:01:2009 - As I'm currently using the Podcasting plugin for all audio on the site, I'm using the built-in player that comes with Podcasting. But it's still 'Audio Player' from 1 Pixel Out. Yay!