• 201013January

    Old enough to know better

    In an effort to remember what I'm supposed to be playing for Caedmon's Return, I've taken to arranging and recording demos in my own studio. And here's 'Old Enough to Know Better'.

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  • 201009January

    Snow Leopard 10.6 and 'connection failed' fix

    Any attempt to access my Macbook Pro on a network resulted in the message 'connection failed'. But the Geniuses at the Trafford Centre Apple Store finally fixed it with the tick of single checkbox.

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  • 200928November

    You gotta swing both ways

    Learning to drum is teaching me the importance of both left hand and right hand in playing musical instruments. And maybe it can change your personality too.

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  • 200906November

    Get posting you twit!

    From Caedmon songs to Twitter via pedal boards and guitar pickups, a general review and update.

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  • 200902July

    Balance in all things

    The knee saga continues. It would appear that I have Arthritis, but with careful management and exercise I can live a rich and fulfilling life. Just stay away from the wobble board.

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  • 200915March

    Building a project guitar (the pleasures and pitfalls) part 1

    There are usually two reasons for building a 'project guitar'. One is that you've never had quite the guitar you wanted, and yet you know exactly what it is you want, and the second is budget.

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  • 200901February

    Age, youth, beauty...

    Yes, it's beginning to dawn on me that the view from over here in the oldies corner seems to reach a lot further. I can see things now I never saw before. Now, where did I put my specs...

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  • 200915January

    Podcast tests - test your server kit

    Having spent some time developing the code for testing servers to see whether they support Wordpress podcasting, I've decided to pass on the script in the hope that it helps some other confused folk out there. You can download it here.

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  • 200910January

    My left knee (post-op)

    I went into Manchester Royal Infirmary at 7am on Wednesday for what I was told would be an arthroscopy. Now I'm back (Yes, flat on my back) with photographic evidence.

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  • 200902January

    2008 - the year in review

    The newspapers all do it, the TV channels all do it, the magazines ('books' if you live in Manchester, UK) all do it, so why the hell not?

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