• 200511January

    The guitar is finished - next!

    I restrung the James Bisset Fiftieth Anniversary Edition tonight and it's working a treat. It's still not particularly loud, but it's clean and clear and sweet.

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  • 200510January

    Guitar rewired (again)

    Well, having procrastinated for weeks over the guitar re-wiring, I managed to get it done this evening.

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  • 200419November

    One step forward, two steps back

    Well, the nuts and files finally arrived and I've strung the James Bisset 50th Anniversary guitar, opened up the current nut with the files to suit my strings and played it for a while.

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  • 200416November


    Yes, the headstock is finally finished. The sanding and polishing was completed tonight, the guitar has been re-assembled and I fully expect the nuts and files to arrive tomorrow.

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  • 200412November

    Nuts held by UPS!!!

    I bought my nuts and files from Warmoth in the States, who previously supplied the body, neck and bridge for my guitar.

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  • 200410November

    50th Anniversary Headstock

    I've added a couple more coats of cellulose after the rubbing and levelling a few days ago, just to make sure I don't cut through when it comes to the final smoothing and polishing.

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  • 200406November

    Nitro-cellulose - Mmmmmm

    Rather than the usual method of using decals on the headstock of the guitar, I used a 'rubdown' - which is the same technology that Letraset originally built their fortune on.

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  • 200403November

    Confirmed - I hate soldering guitars

    I managed to suss out what was wrong with the wiring in the guitar. One wire soldered to the wrong tag on a pot. It worked fine, just not quite the way I wanted it to.

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  • 200408October

    soldering ...Aargghhh

    I tried rewiring the guitar tonight, but it turned into one of those 'one problem after another' situations.

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