'Feel the Love' - At last the real story!

Hey, guess what happens when you announce that your business will be closed for two weeks?

That's right, all sorts of urgent requests come in for work which MUST be completed ASAP. So I've been just a little bit busy.

Anyway, it's Friday night, the kids are in bed and Ruth's gone out, and I've just had an email from a reader asking whatever did happen to the song 'Feel the Love'.

So, by popular request, we can now reveal the true story behind one of the great hits from the '90s that never got made.

Yes, in an exclusive interview with James Bisset (co-writer) we have exposed the seamy underbelly of the modern pop industry.

We have unpicked the stitching to see what really goes on inside.

And we have dragged out the rotted stuffing that passes for music business practice into the cold light of day (now that's what I call an extended metaphor - ed.).

Read the full shocking tale of 'Feel the Love' NOW!