Caedmon is peer to peer!

Now is that a vote of confidence or wot!

OK, I'll take a couple of steps back and explain my excitement. I've been uploading snippets of my previous music to the web site as background to the project, but I can't find my Caedmon CD - I've probably lent it to someone (note to self: I really must start a lending book so I can find out where everything has gone, starting with that garage that returned my car minus the ZZ Top tape).

And one of my readers noticed my plight and downloaded the whole bloody album off the internet!

Hah! Is that not the sure sign of success?

So I sat down last night and listened to the whole thing. It is consistently both awesome and awful. We were ambitious, even pretentious, and willing to try anything. We were also unable to play the stuff we wrote. We had the grandest of musical visions, and tried to express them with bongos and mandolin and cello and fuzz guitar (not to mention a budget studio in the tower of an Edinburgh flat and a lot of dodgy harmonies).

But so much talent in one small space!

I've put up a couple of samples of the music from the Caedmon album, but they're not really representative. For a start they don't feature the 'savage fuzz guitar'. But they are also songs I wrote, which is, after all, the point of this web site.

Listening to the album again, I wonder if Simon wasn't the strongest songwriter with 'Sea Song' and 'Aslan'?

I also understand now why:

  1. he insisted on singing 'Sea Song' himself
  2. he's played drums for the past 25 years

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