Hiatus? What f*@!&%g hiatus!

Some of the more assiduous amongst you may have noticed a brief hiatus on my progress blog. Well it's only bloody Xmas coming isn't it!

I hasten to add that this has nothing to do with that great festival where we celebrate the ‘20% off every garment ticket marked with an X!’ Although that doesn't half wind me up too.

No, it's because where I live, Xmas and New Year coincide and we seem to be falling into the habit of taking a fortnight's holiday to make the most of it.
(Yes, I know it used to be called Christmas, but that was a long time ago and far far away.)

And what's that got to do with anything?

Well, it's the ultimate deadline isn't it. Just remember I run a web design company and I have <gulp> clients...

Clients who've been umming and ahhing for the past six months about a site rebuild, or a new section for their web site, are all suddenly galvanised by the fact that we're going to be closed for two weeks, they're going to be closed for two weeks, and then it's going to be 2005 - a whole 'nother year! And quite possibly a whole 'nother financial year too.

Bloody Clients.

Which just means that Mr Bisset is as busy as a busy little bissety bee with 5 web site revamps, from a few pages to hundreds, two new proposals to develop, and regular news, press releases and updates to erm... update.

And of course, the deadline affect our company too. I've been trying to finish the rebuild of the company site, which has been through 3 unfinished iterations in the past three years.

Or to put it another way, the public face of the company has remained unchanged for the past 3 years. Which would probably be OK (if a little old-fashioned) if it didn't trumpet on the front page "Latest News - January 26th 2001. Mediachrome picked up the National Cream Award for best business to business site at a glamorous ceremony in Birmingham's International Conference Centre."

Meanwhile, I'm surrounded by tapes of previous band recordings to be sorted and sampled for the web site, my new guitar sits waiting for it's final wiring tweaks and fingerboard setup and I'm trying to work out just how much I can't spend setting up a mobile computer based recording suite.

What do you mean - quit moaning? I'm fifty, what do you expect!